Joining LINK Talent: FAQ

Is there a fee to join LINK Talent?

There is no fee to join LINK Talent, however should you be taken on, you will need to have a set of professional headshots taken. As we want to be able to best represent you to the industry, will ask you to have your headshots taken by our preferred photographer. There is also a fee to join Spotlight.


Spotlight is the Industry’s premier way to be submitted for jobs, and to be seen worldwide by casting directors and production companies. All our performers must join Spotlight - for adults this costs around £154 and for children the costs are around £100. For child clients, on signing, parents / guardians will be sent a link to help them to register with Spotlight for their child. All clients are expected to maintain their own Spotlight page and renew their own membership.


Your headshot is your calling card to the industry and as such, we do have a preferred photographer that we work with, that we think is the best to showcase you to the industry! If you approach us already having had professional headshots done, we will have a chat with you about these. Please be aware we may ask you to have them redone by our preferred photographer before we accept you to be a part of LINK Talent..

What happens once I am signed by LINK Talent?

We send all our new clients paperwork including a Contract, Information form, Data Protection form and a Measurement form. Clients will be asked to have professional headshots taken by our preferred photographer and to join Spotlight. Clients will also be expected to regularly update their availability, skills, measurements, photos via our agency database, and also regularly maintain and update their own Spotlight page.

We assume that clients are happy for us to put them forward for any job, however if there are any stipulations, you will need to let us know before signing. Please be aware that we work best when we can put our clients forward for a wide range of things, as it gives us the best chance for us to find a great job! 

Once you are on Spotlight we will then begin submit you for jobs. Please note that in respect to our Child clients, LINK Talent also has to operate under Child Licence rules in respect to all jobs.

Can I register with another agency?

We offer an exclusive contract, so it is not possible for you to sign with another agency. However, if you represented by a commercial dance agency, or if you are with a modelling agency for stills only, we would be able to talk with you further about this.

What are your commission rates?

Our commission rates are industry standard but do vary depending on the type of job that you get. A breakdown of the commission rates is included in the contract that we send you.

If you have any other questions about joining LINK Talent that the FAQ hasn’t answered, please let us know via the Contact page!